For Health: TaiJi Qi Yoga Essentials

July 7, 2019
July 23, 2019

For Health: TaiJi Qi Yoga Essentials

TaiJi Qi Yoga Teacher:Ping Lu

Address: TaiJi Qi Yoga Studio, 586 Kingston Road West, Ajax  ON L1T 3A2


Monday to Friday

AM 10-10:30: Contemplative Meditation (Free)

AM 10:30-12:00: Morning Class

Lunch Break: 12-12:30 pm

PM 12:30-2:00:Afternoon Class

PM 7:30-9:00: Evening Class

Saturday: AM 10:30-12:00

Mantra Chanting, TaiJi Qi Yoga Stillness, Contemplative Meditation

For Health: TaiJi Qi Yoga Essentials

Note: Each module is essential, which is for HEALTH, although it may appear in different forms and subjects.  The class can be custom made based on students’ own selection on different modules according to her or his own interest. It is suggested to try all different modules. For day students, it is suggested to select both AM and PM class to save the travel time on the road. )

Module 1: 

Mantra Chanting: Sound Healing

Let’s start your journey of  TaiJi Qi Yoga Essentials in the sound of ancient mantra chanting like HU、OM、Ayur Mantra…..

Module 2: 

Relaxation 4 Steps: Dive Deep

Let your body experience the deep relaxation in combining the Mind, Breathing and the three parts of your body: Root, Trunk and Branches. A fusion of Taoism Dao Yin Tu Na, Yoga I rest and Yoga Nidra. 

Module 3: 

Soul Awakening

Be aware of the links between the 7 layers: Physical Body, Energetic Body, Emotional Body, Causal Body, Mental Body, Etheric Body and Soul Body;

Module 4: 

Energy Through Meridians and Nadis

Find out the Fusion of Essential Breath, Fluidity、Energy, Vital Qi, Essential Qi, The 8 Extraudinary Meridians, Left, right and middle Nadis, 7 Chakras, and Yin and Yang Balance.

Module 5: 

Secret to the Heart Chakra

Introduction the practice of 5 Virtues –Right Discrimination, Contentment, Forgiveness and Tolerance, Detachment and Humility to offset the emotional passions, clearing through the Heart Chakra. 

Module 6: 

I Restore Yoga Series

Come to experience the wisdom of healing through restorative yoga series.

Module 7: 

Joints Health: Chen’s Tai Chi Joints Exercise

To study the importance of the joints, how to protect, and do the Chen’s Tai Chi Joints Exercise

Module 8: 

TaiJi Qi Yoga Flow:Motion and Stillness

Experience TaiJi Qi Yoga Flows by the application of Tai Chi Principles: Whole Body Relaxation, Yielding with Gravity, Dan Tian Breathing, Round off the Crotch and Relaxing the Hip, Tuck in the Chest and Sink down the Waist, Uplifting the crown and relaxing the neck, Relaxing the shoulder and dropping down the elbow, Yin and Yang opening and closing, Spiral Rotation, Guiding the Body through Rotating the Waist, Turning the Arms with Rotating the Wrist, Turning the Knee with Rotating the Ankles……

Module 9: 

Qi Gong and Zhuang Gong

DaShiJie’s Four Seasons 5 Postures for Health; TaiJi Qi Yoga’s Qigong 6

Module 10: 

Tai Chi: Chen’s Tai Chi Essential 18

Introducing the detail of each movement of Chen’s Tai Chi Essential 18

About Ping Lu

Based on Ping’s self healing journey, she created TaiJiQi Yoga.

Ping got inspired from her brother Sheng, Guo-a Chen’s Tai Chi Teacher for over 20 years, she decided to start her journey of Yoga in 2013 for the self healing for Health.

Meanwhile, she started her spiritual study.

She completed her Yoga Teachers Training by Ruth van der Voort (The Creator, Founder and Owner of the”Synergy Movement and the Toronto Yoga Conference and Show) in 2015;

And during her intensive study from Donna Farhi (the internationally renowned yoga teacher and the Author of six famous published books) in 2016, she received the deep transformation within.

In 2017, with the friendship inspiration from Chen, Juan-the bloodline daughter of the Grand master Chen, Zhenglei, she started her study of Chen’s Tai Chi with Yan, Zhigang in 2017, (Chen’s Tai Chi 12th Generation, in-chamber Disciple of Grand master Chen Zhenglei, the Translator of 6 published books on Chen’s Tai Chi as well as the Owner of TNT Kungfu School) ;

In Jun 2018, she became the Disciple of the Grand Master Chen Zhenglei.

Ping is also studying with Sifu Matthew Cohen (The Creator and Founder of Sacred Energy Art) for the Yoga and Tai Chi Fusion, Qigong and Martial Arts.

She is currently promoting TaiJi Qi Yoga across Toronto. From her own self healing experience, she found the similarity between Yoga and Meridians of Chinese Medicine, Yoga and “Xiao Zhou Tian, Da Zhou Tian” in Taoism Dao Yin Tu Na, Yoga and Yin and Yang of Tai Chi principles.


30$/time; 280$/10times, 550$/20times; 800$/ 30 times;




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