” Eaglewings Cottage Retreat: Relaxation. Meditation. Restoration. (New Schedule TBA)

“Eaglewings Cottage静修营”改期
November 18, 2019
We invite you to join our “Taiji Qi Yoga Essentials Teachers Team Featured by YOU!”
November 20, 2019

” Eaglewings Cottage Retreat: Relaxation. Meditation. Restoration. (New Schedule TBA)

Eaglewings Cottage Retreat (No less than 12,  Limited for 18 persons)

Relaxation. Meditation. Restorative


(Let’s open our wings!)

Eaglewings Cottage: 2946 Eagles Cliff Ln, Selwyn, ON K0H 2H0




12PM-7PM Check In

7:00-9:00pm: Relaxation-Taiji Qi Yoga with Ping


7:30-8:00am: Morning Meditation

9:00-11:00am Joint Health-Restorative Taiji Qi Yoga with Ping

3:00-5:00pm  Yin and Yang-Restorative Taiji Qi Yoga- with Ping

7:00-9:00pm: Tai Chi Movement Principles with Ping

Sunday Morning

7:30-8:00am: Morning Meditation

9:00-11:00am: Energy through the Meridians-Restorative TaiJi Qi Yoga

11:00am-12:00pm:  Check Out


Chef kitchen for self cooking; or potluck together;


7 King Beds, 2 Single Beds, 2 Double Beds


Cottage cost to be shared;

Taiji Qi Yoga with Ping:150$ (3 Days)

About Ping

2020 New Year

Based on her own self-healing journey, Ping created TaiJiQi Yoga.

Her journey began when she started her spiritual study with an organization in Toronto.

Meanwhile inspired by her brother Sheng, Guo (Chen’s Tai Chi 12th Generation,  Disciple of Grandmaster Chen,  Zhenglei), a Chen’s Tai Chi Teacher for over 20 years, Ping decided to become a Yoga Teacher. In 2015, she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Ruth van der Voort (creator, founder, and owner of the Synergy Movement Yoga and the Toronto Yoga Conference and Show).

Since then, out of the curiosity of her body changes with the essential functional restore of the three diaphragms, Ping followed the internationally renowned yoga teacher Donna Farhi for her worldwide intensives. In 2016, she received a deep transformation within herself, which assured her that she was on the right path.

In 2017, inspired by Ping’s friend, Chen, Juan, (Chen’s Tai Chi 12th Generation,  the daughter of Grand master Chen, Zhenglei), she started her study of Chen’s Tai Chi with Zhigang Yan (Chen’s Tai Chi 12th Generation,  In-chamber Disciple of Grandmaster Chen,  Zhenglei) in Toronto. She became one of the Closing Disciples of the Grand Master Chen, Zhenglei in June 2018.

Ping is also studying with Sifu Matthew Cohen, creator and founder of Sacred Energy Art, for Yoga and Tai Chi Fusion, Qigong and Martial Arts.

Ping feels it is her mission to carry on the wisdom of Yoga and Tai Chi to the world, for Health and Wellness.

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