We invite you to join our “Taiji Qi Yoga Essentials Teachers Team Featured by YOU!”

” Eaglewings Cottage Retreat: Relaxation. Meditation. Restoration. (New Schedule TBA)
November 20, 2019
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January 12, 2020

We invite you to join our “Taiji Qi Yoga Essentials Teachers Team Featured by YOU!”

We sincerely invite you to join our Teachers Team!

Team Mission

To become a “Good Teacher”, to teach the self first.  Our first student is the self.

To share the “Good”  with others.

Team Goal

Love the self-Taking care of the self; Teaching the self well; Responsible for the own thoughts, words and behaviors.

We work together for the “Health, Peace and Love” on the earth.


Unlimited to the study time, as long as he or she passes the following:

Essential Skills

  1. Relaxation Methods combining the Mind, Breathing and Body 3 parts; 1)  Fast Relaxation 2) Open and Close Relaxation 3) Guided Meditation
  2. Basic Postures: Sitting, Standing or Lying down (or Zhuang Gong)
  3. Mantra Chanting  (Chanting is based on the self willingness. Can be with sounds, no sound or no chanting at all. )

Essential Principles:

  1. Safety, no harming the self, be friending the self.
  2. Relaxation is our key practice.
  3. Joints Health: the importance of joints and joints exercise.
  4. Skeleton Study: the Imbalance and the Acceptance.
  5. Our ultimate goal: the complete Yin and Yang Balance, starting from the awakening of the Essential Breath or Vital Qi, or Energy, Left right middle Meridians or 8 Extraudinary Meridians
  6. Tai Chi Movement Principles: 1)Whole body Relaxation, 2)Breathing 3)Yielding and Gravity 4)Spiral Rotation 5) Weight Shifting: Solid and Hollow 6)Use the Body to guide the Arm
  7. Soul Awakening:the links between physical body, energetic body, emotional body, mental body, etheric body and soul body
  8. The Secret to the Heart: 5 Virtues vs. 5 Passions

Forms (can choose 1 or multiple Forms below)

  1.  Restorative Yoga
  2.  Chen’s Tai Chi Essential 18
  3. Qi Gong
  4. Taiji Qi Yoga Motion
  5.  Taiji Qi Yoga Stillness
  6.  Lotus Motion
  7. Yi Jin Jing
  8. Chen’s Tai Chi Old Form 1


Personal Features:

We encourage each Teacher to develop it’s own skills and features based on the own skills.


New Team  Level 1: It doesn’t matter the sex, age, height or weight, the length of practise or teaching, the new member will be normally counted as this level;

Essential Breath Level 2: Whoever having the “Essential Breath, Vital Qi, 8 Extraudinary Meridians, Small Respiratory Circle, Big Respiratory Circle“ restored will be counted as this level.


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