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November 20, 2019
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February 1, 2020

Session Themes

1. Theme A: Essential Skills and Principle(12 Sessions)

“When one gives undivided attention to thevitalbreath, and brings it to the utmost degree of pliancy, he can become as atenderbabe.”Lao-tzu, Tao-TeJing 

2. Theme B: Restorative -“I Restore TaiJi Qi” Series: Energy through “the 8 Extraordinary Meridians”(12 Sessions)

“Most of us have lost connection with this breath and so have lost a connection with a natural way of being our own energy source.”—Donna Farhi, The Breathing Book

3. Theme C: Qi Gong for Health Nourishment (12 Sessions)


“All Qi Gong exercises are different in terms of approaches and methods, however, all have the same goals—health, fitness and longevity. All aim to achieve the goals by strengthening and solidifying the internal Qi, moving the Qi through the meridian pipes and the peripheral branches, and guiding the qi through the micro and macro cosmic orbits.” – Pg. 57, Chen’s Tai Chi for Health and Wellness, by Grandmaster Chen, Zhenglei  

4. Module D:  Form-TaiJI Qi Yoga Stillness 太极气瑜伽静功(6 Sessions)

“Entering the Stillness within the Breath. ”  –Donna Farhi, “The Breathing Book”

“在呼吸中,安静下来。” –多娜 法喜  “The Breathing Book”

5. Module E:  Form-Lotus Motion, Yi Jin Jing,  Ba Duan Jing 莲花生动功、易筋经、八段锦(6 Sessions)



–老子 《道德经》


6. Module F:  Form-Chen’s Tai Chi Essential 18 陈氏太极拳精要十八式 (6 Sessions)

 “Nurture the root, the branches and leaves consequently flourish.“—Grandmaster Chen, Zhenglei, Chen’s TaiChi Old Frame One and Two

古人云:“培其根则枝叶自茂,润其源则流淌自长。” —陈正雷宗师《陈氏太极拳老架一路二路》

7.Module G: Form-TaiJI Qi Yoga Motion Flow, Yin and Yang Balance, Applying Tai Chi Movement Principles 太极气瑜伽动式流~阴阳平衡、应用太极运动原理(12 Sessions)


8. Module H : Form-Chen’s Tai Chi Old Form 1 陈氏太极拳老架一路(12 Sessions)


               “So what is difficult? which is not easy? It is the relaxation of the whole body.” -Cheng Zhenglei TaiJiQuan Federation





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