About Taiji Qi Yoga

“ No one has form without breath. Consequently, breath and form must be accomplished together. Isn't this evident? "
What is the definition of TaiJiQi Yoga?
TaiJiQi Yoga includes all the physical, emotional, verbal and meditative actions we take to build a LOVE relationship with the SELF. Detoxing and cleansing the barriers and blocks in the MIND in combination with the wisdom and techniques of Yoga and TaiJi movement, TaiJiQi Yoga guides you to RESTORE the natural three-diaphragm breathing and the natural energy body and thus to facilitate a RETURN to the natural life force.

What is the foundation of TaiJiQi Yoga?
The foundation of TaiJiQi Yoga is Hatha yoga.

What does TaiJiQi mean?
Tai means "great"; Ji means "pole"; TaiJi is a traditional Chinese martial art, which means "the source" or "the beginning of the world." Qi directly translates to "breathing," with a deeper meaning of "natural energy, life force, or energy flow.” Qi is the central underlying principle in traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts.

Who can do TaiJiQi Yoga?
Anyone…! Because breathing is the simplest thing!

What is the creation philosophy behind TaiJiQi Yoga?
INHALE-RECEIVING LOVE In traditional Chinese philosophy, TaiJi is the “supreme ultimate” or source from which existence flows. It is similar to the Daoist concept that “reversal is the movement of the Dao.” The supreme ultimate creates YANG and YIN in many forms. But simply put, movement generates yang until that activity reaches its limit. At the limit, it becomes tranquil, which generates yin; when tranquility has reached its limit, there is a return to movement. So movement and tranquility alternate in becoming the source or beginning of one another.

Who created TaiJiQi Yoga? TaiJiQi Yoga is the creation of Ping Lu, a Chinese Canadian. Ping synthesized the influences of 1) Tai Ji (Chi) as taught to her by Guo Sheng, her brother, a TaiJi Instructor for over 20 years; 2) her Yoga Teachers Training by Ruth van der Voort, Founder of Synergy Movement and Director of the Toronto Yoga Conference and Show; 3) Donna Farhi's "Three-diaphragm Essential Breathing" ( see "Yoga Mind, Body and Spirit, a return to the wholeness" ) in the beginning, and got deeply transformed through Donna Farhi's wisdom teaching after she followed her workshops worldwide.
Through her experience on her own yoga and spiritual journey, Ping believes everyone can RESTORE awareness of the three Diaphragms in the BODY by constantly practicing five virtues—Humility, Forgiveness and Tolerance, Contentment, Detachment and Discrimination—to offset the five passions—Lust, Greed, Anger, Attachment and Vanity—as described in her spiritual study. Ping believes the free flow of life energy through the chakras is impeded by energetic blocks that are associated with these five passions of the MIND. "SELF Returning, SELF Restoring, through SELF Detoxing. "
These influences and Ping's own healing and transformational spiritual journey led to the creation of TaiJiQi Yoga. She has been inspired to share with others how to RESTORE the three diaphragm essential breathing and the natural energy body by reintegrating MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT.