Ping Lu

“ Love the breath of air, for it’s a gift of life. Love your work: It will expand your God-given powers of creation. And love and serve your dear ones.”
– Harold Klemp, The Awakening Soul, Pg 38
Lu, Ping---Yoga, Qi and Tai Chi Teacher, the Creator, Founder and Owner of TaiJiQi Yoga
"I am so thankful for the Yoga Teachers' Training by Ruth van der Voort. She inspires me how amazing a woman can be; I have heartfelt gratitude to Donna Farhi for her teaching which has transformed my life; Great thanks to Chen's Tai Chi Grand Master Chen, Zhenglei, Yan, Zhigang, Chen, Juan and my brother Sheng, Guo for their influences, inspiration and teaching on Tai Chi; Great thanks to Sifu Matthew Cohen for his teaching. Finally, I am deeply grateful for the spiritual teaching I follow. —Lu, Ping "

Based on Ping's self healing journey, she created TaiJiQi Yoga. She completed her Yoga Teachers Training by Ruth van der Voort (The Creator, Founder and Owner of the"Synergy Movement and the Toronto Yoga Conference and Show), and then she deepened her study from Donna Farhi (the internationally renowned yoga teacher and the Author of six famous published books) and got deeply transformed and inspired within.

Ping got inspired from her brother Sheng, Guo-a Chen's Tai Chi Teacher for over 20 years, and Chen, Juan-the bloodline daughter of the Grand master Chen, Zhenglei, she started her study of Chen's Tai Chi with Yan, Zhigang in 2016, (Chen's Tai Chi 12th Generation, in-chamber Disciple of Grand master Chen Zhenglei, the Translator of 6 published books on Chen's Tai Chi as well as the Owner of TNT Kungfu School) and became the Disciple of the Grand Master Chen Zhenglei in Jun 2018.

Ping is also studying with Sifu Matthew Cohen (The Creator and Founder of Sacred Energy Art) for the Yoga and Tai Chi Fusion, Qigong and Martial Arts.

Through her own self healing experience, Ping believes the free flow of life energy through the chakras is impeded by emotional blockages that are associated with these five passions of the MIND which are Anger, Lust, Greed, Vanity and Attachment. By constantly practicing" the five Virtues"- the Discrimination, Forgiveness and Tolerance, the Contentment, Detachment and Humility, it can help to offset the passions, awaken "Qi"-the life force, and clear the Meridians. It can heal all the internal organs, repair the bones, soften the muscles, restructure the entire body and help to reach Yin and Yang Balance.

"Yoga is the self practice about self responsibility of the own thoughts, words and behaviors, self mind detoxing, self meditation and contemplation, self realization and returning, and self healing. " --Ping Lu