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December 27, 2020
January 31, 2021


Happy New Year!

To serve the three major healing arts of Tai Ji (known in the west as Tai Chi),Qi ( known as “Breath”, “Prana”, “Energy” in the west or “Qi Gong” in the east ) and Yoga and for the goodness and health of humankind, I am happy to announce TaiJi Qi Yoga Alliance was legally formed in Ontario, Canada on the New Year Eve of 2021.

It is my great honour to invite you to our platform, featured with Cloud Courses for Teachers and Students, Cloud Show for Allies and Product Sellers, and an Online Shopping Center for Related Products.

1. Classroom Mode Cloud Courses

for Teachers:

– to create or compose, edit, publish and sell classroom mode Online Courses, being able to interact with the students;
– to create or compose, edit or post news, articles, promotions or advertisements;

for Students:

to search courses, register, pay, and enter into the online classroom and start the courses’

Our “Cloud Courses” Page (click to enter )>>displays the Courses from different Teachers with the searching function, payment and registration gateways open to Worldwide Students:

After the registration finishes, the Student can login (click to view the page)>> to start the class (shown as below) anytime and mark down when he or she completes. Teachers can log in to view the Student’s information and their Completion Status.

From a single page introduction of your Course (can be any of your Zoom Class, Workshop, Seminar or Retreat), any downloadable videos, recorded sessions, to hundreds of pages of your printed book as Curriculum-which can be now inserted with your Dynamic Videos for the movements, (as Video Book (click to view the introduction) >>we recommend), you can create, publish or sell your Courses on our platform. The Classroom Mode not only provides great convenience for teachers to write a curriculum, chapter by chapter, lesson by lesson, but also allows teachers to check students’ progress, staying interactively with them.

Click to view the sample here>>

In 2021, We will help the Teachers in our Invitation List to set up, FREE! Plus a Custom Profile Web page with Stream Window!

2. Cloud Show

Our Cloud Show Center (click to enter)>> opens to Worldwide Tai Ji, Qi, Yoga Allies and Product Sellers, for displaying their logos and directly linking the visitors to their own website.

3. Our Shopping Center, with a Book Room!

Our worldwide Online Shopping Center (click to enter)>> provides services to the Sellers with a platform easily for them to upload their products information, an online selling channel with multicurrency, pricing via quantity, colors and sizes selections, credit card payment gateway, orders management, printing shipping label, packing list, invoices, custom documents and connecting to shippers like UPS, Purolator or Canada Post, delivery to the user’s designated shipping address.

The buyer can log in to manage their own information, track the order or edit shipping address.

Other than these, on our Home Page (click to enter)>> we have a Stream Window to broadcast the recorded video year around, which supports the broadcasting to China and free to the Seekers.

I am looking forward to the opportunities to serve.(For more about our services, please click here >>)

Sincerely Yours,

Ping Lu (About Me, please click here >>)
The Founder of TaiJi Qi Yoga Alliance

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