An Invitation to Cloud Courses, Cloud Show and Shopping Center

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December 27, 2020

An Invitation to Cloud Courses, Cloud Show and Shopping Center

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To Whom It May Concern,

Happy New Year!

To serve Tai Ji (known as Tai Chi),Qi Gong and Yoga for the goodness and health of humankind, I am happy to announce TaiJi Qi Yoga Alliance was legally named in Ontario, Canada on the New Year Eve of 2021.

It is a great honour to invite Worldwide Wisdom Teachers, to our platform, with the main features of Cloud Courses, Cloud Show, and an Online Shopping Center.

We are hereby taking this opportunity to introduce our “Cloud Courses Author Account”, which is specially created for Teachers:

– to create or compose, edit, publish and sell classroom mode Online Courses, being able to interact with the students;
– to create or compose, edit or post news, articles, promotions or advertisements;

Plus a Profile Web page under Wisdom Teachers with Live Stream Window

We will help you to set up, FREE!

For viewing the sample of our “Cloud Course”, please click here>>

For the “V Book”, one of the Cloud Course Forms we recommend, please click here >>

For our Cloud Show, open to Worldwide Tai Ji, Qi, Yoga Allies and Product Sellers, please click here >>

For our worldwide Online Shopping Center, please click here >>

For more about our services, please click here >>

About Me, please click here >>

I am looking forward to the opportunities to serve.

Sincerely Yours,

Ping Lu
The Founder of TaiJi Qi Yoga Alliance

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