Dianne C. Cassar

“ Love the breath of air, for it’s a gift of life. Love your work: It will expand your God-given powers of creation. And love and serve your dear ones.”
– Harold Klemp, The Awakening Soul, Pg 38
Dianne C. Cassar---TaiJi Qi Yoga In-house First Level Teacher
Dianne is passionate about maintaining a balanced life. She has completed a 200hr illuminated yoga instructor course and since the she has received her Reiki Level one and various workshops in meditation and breathing. She is able to incorporate love and healing energy into her Vinyasa classes while maintaining the element of Tai Chi. Dianne’s mission is to get more people involved in Yoga from adults to children and teenagers. She has had the pleasure to teach girls and boys sports teams and loves the impact it has had on them. Yoga connects the mind body and soul and her classes will leave you feeling rejuvenated through a gentle yet strengthening flow.