Cloud Course Forms: the Flexibility, Variety and Strength

Our Cloud Course under classroom mode provides a great platform not only for teachers to write a curriculum, chapter by chapter, lesson by lesson, but also allow teachers and students staying interactively together.

It can be any of the Static Forms:

  • printed books
  • ebooks
  • articles
  • topics
  • themes

It can be any of the Dynamic Forms:

  • videos
  • downloadable videos
  • recorded live streams
  • live streams

It can be the combination of any Static and Dynamic Forms:

  • video books
  • e books, topics, articles, themes with recorded videos, downloadable videos, recorded live streams or live streams

The writing and editing interface is professionally designed for Authors, easy to use. The teacher can start to create his or her own courses after logging in. The teacher can also be able to view the class members too.

It will provide convenience for worldwide seekers. A lot of them can be benefited from it. Students just need to sign up online or log in to study as below:

The following are the sample lessons for the Curriculum. Student can click to view or start the lesson and he or she can mark down the progress once he or she completes:

Course Curriculum

A Themed Workshop, Weekly Intensive or a Retreat