Cloud Course with Video Book

“When one gives undivided attention to the Essential Breath (Vital Qi), he can become as soft as a babe.” –Lao Zi “Dao De Jing”

Cloud Course-Video Book

Maybe you have published many printed books, many wisdom articles, many recorded videos, but have you ever thought to combine the visual textbook with the sounding video movement?

For us teaching with our body language, the video has been playing a great role of support to us in the past.

Video Book combines the static text and dynamic movement perfectly, with a sense of strength and softness, Yin and Yang balance too. It is the future of the “Book”.

Our Cloud Course under classroom mode provides a great platform for teachers to put Video Book as a curriculum, chapter by chapter, lesson by lesson, and allow teachers to check students’ progress, staying interactively with them.

A book can speak. A book can move. A book can teach. How wise is that book?

And if the video can be recorded with other languages, that book can speaks multi languages simultaneously too!

Our Cloud Courses will provide convenience for worldwide seekers. A lot of them can be benefited from it. Students just need to sign up online or log in to study.

Easy to use. Professionally designed writing and editing interface specially for Authors.

This is the login Form for students:

These are the sample of the Course Curriculum. The student can click to start each lesson and mark down the progress once he or she completes:

Course Curriculum

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