“To be a GOOD Teacher. To teach the self first. Being humble, open, and continuously learning toward enlightenment to become a WISDOM Teacher. 做一位好老师;先教自己;谦卑、敞开、学习到开悟,成为一名智慧老师; ” -卢萍

Anyone who completes TaiJi Qi Yoga Course Book 1: Essential Skills and Principles can apply to become an In-house Teacher. 修完「太极气瑜伽教程」第一本的任何人皆可以申请成为一名太极气瑜伽“内室老师”;

Once passing the test, 考试通过后,

1) a FREE WEBPAGE area under "In-house Teachers" to post their introduction, workshops, seminars or retreats. 在“内室老师”栏目下,免费创建一个网站页面,可张贴介绍、课程、工作坊、会议或度假培训信息;

2)A Free "Author Account" can be created to compose, edit and post their own Online Articles, convenient for worldwide spread; 免费开设一个"作者账号”,可以撰写、编辑和发表自己的文章, 方便于全球推广;

3)Can sign up to open an Online or Offline TaiJi Qi Yoga Studio 可以开通线上或者线下太极气瑜伽馆;

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