Our Services

1. Cloud Courses

Cloud Courses Author Account - for Teachers to create or compose, edit, publish and sell classroom mode Online Courses, being able to interact with the students, or post news, articles, promotions or advertisements (2021 Free Setup for Wisdom Teachers and VIP ONLY)

Profile Webpage and Livestream Account (2021 Free Setup for Wisdom Teachers and VIP ONLY)

2. Cloud Show

ALLIES -Businesses or Teachers related to Tai Chi, Qi or Yoga;
PRODUCT SELLERS -Manufactures, Traders, Wholesalers or Retailers

Your Logo Here - to link the visitors directly from our website to your own website; (2021 FREE )

3. Online Shopping Center

Shopping Center Account - for Product Sellers to upload and sell your v-books, e-books, books, or related products to our worldwide Shopping Center online; (In 2021, we will setup FREE account for the selected and authorized products sellers ONLY.)

4. Offline Services

When the world is safe again, we can host or co-host your " Workshops, Seminars or Retreats"; English and Chinese Bilingual Translators or Interpreters can be possibly arranged; Accommodations maybe possibly arranged too;

5. Translation Services

We can help you to translate English and Chinese Bilingually, or arrange the Site Interpreters, to provide convenience for the worldwide seekers.

6. Office Places

1) TaiJi Qi Yoga Alliance in Ajax by the lake, Canada; We are currently in site planning to build up a Training Center size for a group of 20-30 people; 5 Minutes to the Largest Casino in North America;

2) Eaglewings Cottage by the lake of Ontario, suitable for a group of 12-18 people;
1. 云课

云课作者账号 -供老师们编制或撰写、编辑、排版、发行和销售自己课堂模式下能与学生们互动的云课,或者是发布自己的专业新闻、文章、促销或广告;(2021年只为智慧大师们和VIP们免费设置)

个人网页和直播间账号 (2021年只为智慧老师们和VIP们免费设置)

2. 云展



3. 云购中心

购物中心账号-供厂家在我们的全球网上购物中心上传和销售电子书、印刷书、或者各种相关产品;(2021年我们只为选中产品和授权的商家免费设置账号 )

4. 线下服务


5. 翻译服务


6. 线下场所

1) 位于加拿大安大略湖边的太极气瑜伽联盟,正在计划建设一个能容纳30-40人培训和住宿的培训中心;离北美最大赌场只需5分钟;

2) 安大略湖畔的Eaglewings度假屋,合适12-18人的团队。


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