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“ Love the breath of air, for it’s a gift of life. Love your work: It will expand your God-given powers of creation. And love and serve your dear ones.”
– Harold Klemp, The Awakening Soul, Pg 38

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"I am so thankful for the Yoga Teachers' Training by Ruth van der Voort. She inspires me how amazing a woman can be; I have heartfelt gratitude to Donna Farhi for her teaching which has transformed my life; Great thanks to Chen's Tai Chi Grand Master Chen, Zhenglei, Yan, Zhigang, Chen, Juan and my brother Sheng, Guo for their influences, inspiration and teaching on Tai Chi; Great thanks to Sifu Matthew Cohen for his teaching. Finally, I am deeply grateful for the spiritual teaching I follow. —Lu, Ping (Creator of TaiJi Qi Yoga and TaiJiQi Yoga Alliance)

Ping's personal healing experience starts from her spiritual study in Toronto, Canada from 2013.

Meanwhile inspired by her brother Sheng, Guo (Chen's Tai Chi 12th Generation,  Disciple of Grandmaster Chen,  Zhenglei), a Chen’s Tai Chi Teacher for over 20 years, Ping decided to become a Yoga Teacher to improve her health in 2014. In 2015, she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Ruth van der Voort (Creator of the Synergy Movement Yoga and the Toronto Yoga Conference and Show).

Since then, out of the curiosity of her body changes unexpectedly with the restoration of the three diaphragms (sourced from her Yoga Teachers Training Book- Donna Farhi's "The Breathing Book"), Ping decided to follow the internationally renowned yoga teacher Donna Farhi for her worldwide intensives. In 2016, when she met her the first time in Beijing, she received another deep transformation within herself, unexpectedly again, which assured her that she was on the right path. Then she started to follow her worldwide intensives in Sydney, Dublin, Iceland and Spain 2 times to deep her study. She attended Donna's online intensives and retreat during the Covid-19, and completed her "Art of Teaching" Yoga Teachers Training.

In 2018 with the inspiration of her friend- Juan Chen (the Daughter of Grand Master Chen, Zhenglei), she became one of the 12th Generation Closing Disciples of the Grand Master Chen, Zhenglei. She studied "Chen's Tai Chi for Health and Wellness " & " Chen's Tai Chi Old Form 1"; And she became a Certified Teacher of "Chen's Tai Chi for Health and Wellness".

During these years, Ping also received training from other internationally renowned Yoga Teachers such as Searn Corn, Rodney Yee, Ray Long, Ashley Tuner, Rod Strykler. She studied with Matthew Cohen, Creator and founder of Sacred Energy Art, for Yoga and Tai Chi Fusion, Qigong and Martial Arts. In 2020, she completed the online course of "Yi Jing Jin" under Chinese Qi Gong Association, organized by Tai Chi Center in England.

Ping experienced a physical body healing through other muilti dimensional planes - Energy Body, Emotional Body, Causal Body, Mental Body, Etheric Body and Soul Body, a wholeness of Spirit, Mind and Body. She thinks the free flow of life energy through the chakras is impeded by emotional blockages that are associated with these five passions of the MIND which are Anger, Lust, Greed, Vanity and Attachment. By constantly practicing" the five Virtues"- the Discrimination, Forgiveness and Tolerance, the Contentment, Detachment and Humility, it can help to offset the passions, awaken "Essential Qi"-the life force, to travel through the 8 Extraudinary Meridians. It can then repair the muscles and skeleton structure, heal the internal organs, balance Yin and Yang, for health and longevity.

With her heart full of thanks to all of her teachers for the healing, and with a goal to serve for the happiness, freedom, health and peace of the human kind, she created TaiJi Qi Yoga and formed TaiJi Qi Yoga Alliance, the former combines the fusion of multiple natural healing arts and the latter provides an Online Platform for Teachers and Students. The Teachers can create and publish their own online teaching courses-the Video Book, chapter by chapter, with both texts and videos; The Students can log in to register and study the course under the classroom mode. The online platform also has an Online Shopping Center for displaying related books and products for sale, which can be shipped worldwide.


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