Ping Lu

“ Love the breath of air, for it’s a gift of life. Love your work: It will expand your God-given powers of creation. And love and serve your dear ones.”
– Harold Klemp, The Awakening Soul, Pg 38

Ping Lu's Livestream Room 卢萍的直播间

2021 My Livestream Schedule 我的直播安排

2nd Saturday of Each Month

Toronto 2:00pm
England 7:00pm
Los Angels: 11:00am
New Zealand: 8:00am

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My Profile我的简介

Lu, Ping--TaiJi Qi Yoga Institute Teacher, the Creator, Founder and Owner of TaiJiQi Yoga Alliance太极气瑜伽学院老师、太极气瑜伽联盟创始人  
"I am so thankful for the Yoga Teachers' Training by Ruth van der Voort. She inspires me how amazing a woman can be; I have heartfelt gratitude to Donna Farhi for her teaching which has transformed my life; Great thanks to Chen's Tai Chi Grand Master Chen, Zhenglei, Yan, Zhigang, Chen, Juan and my brother Sheng, Guo for their influences, inspiration and teaching on Tai Chi; Great thanks to Sifu Matthew Cohen for his teaching. Finally, I am deeply grateful for the spiritual teaching I follow. —Lu, Ping "

Ping's healing experience starts from her spiritual study with Eckankar Canada in 2013. 她的疗愈经历始于2013年她开始在加拿大Eckankar的灵修学习。

Meanwhile inspired by her brother Sheng, Guo (Chen's Tai Chi 12th Generation,  Disciple of Grandmaster Chen,  Zhenglei), a Chen’s Tai Chi Teacher for over 20 years, Ping decided to become a Yoga Teacher to heal herself. In 2015, she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Ruth van der Voort (creator, founder, and owner of the Synergy Movement Yoga and the Toronto Yoga Conference and Show). 同时受其亲哥哥盛国(陈氏太极拳十二代传人、陈正雷宗师弟子)执教20年陈氏太极拳的影响,2013年她决心做一名瑜伽老师来疗愈自己。在跟随Ruth van der Voort (多伦多瑜伽大会的创建人)老师培训两年后,2015年完成了美国瑜伽联盟认证的瑜伽教师资格培训。

Since then, out of the curiosity of her body changes with the restoration of the three diaphragms (as referred by the Donna Farhi's Breathing Book), Ping decided to follow the internationally renowned yoga teacher Donna Farhi for her worldwide intensives. In 2016, she received a deep transformation within herself, which assured her that she was on the right path.从那以后,出于对自己身体内发生的变化----三横膈膜肌功能恢复的好奇,2016年她开始跟随国际知名瑜伽大师Donna Farhi 深造,受到了瑜伽带给她的深度转变,也因此更加坚定了她的内心:她是在正确的路上。

In 2017, inspired by Ping’s friend, Chen, Juan, (Chen's Tai Chi 12th Generation,  the daughter of Grand master Chen, Zhenglei), she started her study of Chen's Tai Chi with Zhigang Yan (Chen's Tai Chi 12th Generation,  In-chamber Disciple of Grandmaster Chen,  Zhenglei) in Toronto. She became one of the Closing Disciples of the Grand Master Chen, Zhenglei in June 2018. 2017年在大师姐陈娟(陈氏太极拳十二代嫡宗传人、陈正雷宗师长女) 的友情鼓舞下,她开始跟随多伦多的严志刚老师 (陈氏太极拳十二代传人、陈正雷宗师入室弟子)学陈氏太极拳;

Ping also studied with Matthew Cohen, creator and founder of Sacred Energy Art, for Yoga and Tai Chi Fusion, Qigong and Martial Arts.萍还跟随Matthew Cohen老师(神圣能量疗愈艺术的创始人)学习了太极、气功、瑜伽的融合。

In Jun 2018, she became one of the closing disciples of Chen's Tai Chi  Grandmaster Chen,  Zhenglei. In Jun 2019 she got upgraded to one of the In doors. 2018年6月,她成为陈氏太极拳十二代传人、陈正雷宗师关门弟子之一;2019年6月,她正式晋级为入门弟子。

Through her own self healing experience, Ping believes the free flow of life energy through the chakras is impeded by emotional blockages that are associated with these five passions of the MIND which are Anger, Lust, Greed, Vanity and Attachment. By constantly practicing" the five Virtues"- the Discrimination, Forgiveness and Tolerance, the Contentment, Detachment and Humility, it can help to offset the passions, awaken "Essential Qi"-the life force, and clear the 8 Extraudinary Meridians. It can repair the muscles and bones, heal the internal organs,  restructure the entire body and help to reach Yin and Yang Balance, health and longevity. 根据自身的疗愈经历,萍相信人情绪体的五毒—"愤怒心、贪婪心、虚荣心、依赖心、和色欲心”会造成人身体内的能量脉轮堵塞。通过经常修炼“五德”——“正确辨识、原谅宽容、知足、不依赖和谦卑”,能帮助人去除情绪体的障碍,从而唤醒元气(生命力),疏通奇经八脉,疗愈身体的骨与肉,内脏器官,通小周天大周天,重新调整整个身体结构而达到阴阳平衡、健康、长寿。

To be thankful for, and let more people to benefited from the three healing arts Tai Ji, Qi Gong and Yoga, for the goodness and health of the human kind, she formed TaiJi Qi Yoga Alliance on the new year eve of 2021, with a goal to create a Cloud platform for Worldwide Wisdom Teachers .  为了感恩太极、气功、瑜伽三种疗愈艺术,让更多的人受益,为了人类的好与健康,2021年元旦前夕,她成立了太极气瑜伽联盟,旨在为“智慧老师们“创建一个“云”端“云”聚服务平台。