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Chen’s Tai Chi Spear, Halberd, Long Pole and Push Hands
January 19, 2021
January 28, 2021
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Chen’s Taichi Sword, Saber and Baton


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Chen’s Taichi Single Straight Sword is one of the oldest weapon routines in Chen’s Taichi short weapon series.  It has been practised in Chenjiagou for a few hundred years.

This well-designed routine is composed of forty-nine moves. All the moves are connected tightly with clear and specific sword techniques.  This routine includes techniques such as: pierce, chop, upward-swing, hook, point, slice, lift, upward-block, sweep, cut, jab, push and neutralize.  This routine incorporates sword techniques with taichi training methods in the following aspects: extended postures, nimble and solid footwork, the free exchange between soft and hard, fast and slow moves. Real attacks are hidden in flake moves and fake moves can transform into real attacks.

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