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Chen’s Tai Chi for Health and Wellness


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Chen’s Tai Chi for Health and Wellness – Yangsheng Gong (hereinafter referred to as Yangsheng Gong) is sourced from traditional Chen’s Tai Chi.  It is the essence of healing and fitness in Chen’s Tai Chi system. By adapting to the unique methods in collecting, accumulating, processing the qi (vital energy) and exercising the mind, it forms a system that organically combines the mind, the qi, the physical forms and the breathing into one set of exercises for wellness.  Difficult moves are omitted, making the remaining moves easy to learn and master.  The main characteristics of Yangsheng Gong are the quick results in qi accumulation, a strong sensation of qi and effective health benefits.  There is no negative side effect from practicing Yangsheng Gong. It can have positive effects in helping lower blood pressure, correcting coronary heart disease, bone dysplasia, neurasthenia, gastritis and other chronic diseases.  The system is not restricted by site, time or other conditions. It is suitable for all.

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Additional Information

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